Wooden shingles or shake roofs once represented one of the few types of roofs available.  Today, it is a premium product that costs a homeowner five times as much to purchase and install than the more common asphalt shingle roof.



When it comes to Cedar Roof Care and Waterproofing, our years of professional experience, knowledge, and ability to deliver quality Roof Care is King. We DO NOT cut corners which means, we apply the preservative until the cedar is saturated.

Throughout this process, we give special attention to the ends of the shingles, which tend to be most vulnerable to decay. It is also common to find aged or damaged shakes in need of resetting or replacing. Our process begins with a complete evaluation of the roof for cracked or missing shingles, damaged flashing, leaking valleys, deteriorating sealants, and damaged copper or nails.

Through our years of preserving roofs, we've come across the good, the bad, and the ugly in cedar roof preservatives and only use the top-quality ultraviolet-resistant and penetrating preservatives we have grown to trust.

Treating your cedar roof with a quality moss and fungus killer with a UV wood preservative will reduce the chance of future costly repairs by reducing or eliminating moss and fungus growth. Working with quality products offers us the ability to deliver a higher quality result for our customers and provides the extra protection any cedar roof will appreciate.

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