Deck Restoration &  Refinishing


Deck Restoration & Refinishing

Wood decks have become our distinctive outdoor living rooms that incorporate nature’s beauty and add value to our home and quality of life and for these reasons, it’s important to remember that a good maintenance routine should always include your deck.


Preserving Outdoor Living Spaces With Our Inspection & Repair Services To Help Keep Your Deck Protected And Your Family Safe.


The unique appearance and characteristics of wood decks make them perfect for creating magical outdoor living spaces. However, many people receive little or no information on how to properly care for and maintain them.  For instance, did you know that some stains, deck sealers, and deck paints are vastly misunderstood?  Most Deck Services companies would lead you to believe that your deck needs to be sealed to protect the wood when in reality, this is false. Sealing wood can lead to MORE problems, than benefits.


Additionally, products that seal wood are no more than coatings that will eventually wear off, peel or flake away. These coatings do nothing to rejuvenate and preserve your wood deck.  In fact, they may even trap moisture in, creating a micro-environment where decay fungus can thrive eventually rotting away your deck itself.

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Exposed to extreme changes in temperatures can take a toll on even the most well-maintained decks so before we begin any deck service project we start with a proper inspection to identify any potential weak or dangerous components that are unsafe or are near the end of their expected service lives.


One of the biggest factors in determining whether your deck is safe and sound is not outwardly visible. That’s why it’s important to look under your deck to ensure that fasteners, connectors, and joists are all in good shape. That includes making sure that the nails, bolts, screws, and other metal connector pieces aren’t rusted or otherwise compromised.


People now enjoy a greater variety of choices than ever before, with a wide range of stains available. With our professional expertise and skill, we can give each customer a professional finish with just the right balance of visual appeal and protection to meet your deck requirements and needs.

The primary appeal of stain is the natural wood grain look it provides, and although the range of finish options is narrower than paint, there is still a wide selection of finishes available, from light to dark and warm to cool wood tones. While the lighter stains will show off more of the natural wood grain, the darker stains can hide imperfections. Darker stains can also hide the differences between old and newly replaced boards if you make any repairs.


Periodic maintenance is essential and will keep your deck looking great. Waiting too long between recoating a wood deck can weaken the UV protection leading to cracking, fading, and eventually causing unsightly mildew and rot. For best results, your deck should be inspected every season for rusty or damaged fasteners and depending, on your deck's exposure, the need to wash or recoat. Contact us to discuss a deck maintenance plan that best meets your needs.

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