How far in advance should I schedule an exterior painting project?

During the busy season April through Oct, it's best to schedule early. We recommend 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

Can I get an estimate on a weekend?

Yes, we ask clients in need of a weekend estimate to schedule their appointment by 3:00 pm Friday’s so that we may schedule accordingly.

Do I need to be home for an exterior estimate?

It is always best to be home for an exterior estimate but not always necessary. We can schedule a time to visit your property, evaluate your home's current condition and discuss the details of our findings along with any concerns you may have at a later date.

Can I get a painting estimate over the phone if I provide the room size?

It is best to have your painting project evaluated in person. If your schedule does not allow a home visit, we offer our Photo Estimating option. Photo Estimating is not always 100% accurate but, with some detailed information regarding your needs, Photo Estimating can provide a good sense of the project cost and scope.

Do I need to cover my home’s furnishing before you begin the prep/painting?

We arrive fully equipped to cover all floors with clean drop cloths and plastic sheetings to protect all furniture before any work begins.

Will I need to clean up after my painting is complete?

We are meticulous in our clean-up and leave your room(s) fully cleaned and ready for you to decorate.

Which should I do first, paint the room or refinish the floors?

We recommend painting the entire room first and leaving just the baseboards. Once the floors are complete, we'll return to finish the baseboards and take care of any minor touch-ups.

Should we repaint our home before putting it on the market?

When it comes to buying a house, the first impression is everything. If you are selling or getting ready to sell in the coming months, one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance that first impression is through paint. Painting your homes' interior and exterior before putting it on the market gives the biggest bang for your fix-up buck!

What brands of house paint do you use and recommend for my project?

Every project calls for different materials depending on the age of the building, current condition, previously used materials, etc. After visiting your property and evaluating your building's needs, we'll be better informed and able to recommend the best materials for your specific project.

Do I need to supply the paint for my project?

Our quotes include all materials and supplies needed for your project. This practice works best by helping us maintain the right amount of materials as needed through the different stages of the job.

How often should I pressure wash my house?

It is best to examine your house twice a year to determine the right time to pressure wash. Pressure washing your home is needed when heavy amounts of dirt, mold, and mildew become visible or if you're getting ready to repaint. Mold can grow on almost everything on your property. Left alone, it can quickly find its way under and behind areas where it can become nearly impossible to kill. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions. (203) 367-4134

Does pressure washing permanently remove mold and mildew?

Mold is a common fungus that is present all around us. Mold and mildew require moisture accompanied by the right temperature to thrive. Given enough time mold, can take over and destroy a home by finding its way into the smallest of cracks making it nearly impossible to reach and kill. We strongly recommend a maintenance program for homes where mold has become a yearly issue.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or would like to discuss a maintenance program that best meets your needs.
(203) 367-4134

What do I need before you start painting my home interior?

We ask our customers to please remove:

1: Pictures, TVs, curtains, personal items.

2: Small pieces of furniture. (If you have heavy furniture in need of moving, please empty all

contents and we'll be happy to move it for you.

3: Please remove all closet contents if included in your project scope.

If your not sure or have questions, please email or call us at (203) 367-4134

Do you offer carpentry services?

We offer custom trim installation, rot repairs, deck repairs and more. Please contact us to discuss your carpentry needs. (203) 367-4134

What is the best exterior house paint?

The easy answer is Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc. However, the best exterior paint depends on your project's specific needs. Schedule an appointment and, we'll be happy to come out and evaluate your project for the best materials to use specifically for your home.

Will I need to cut back the bushes close to my house before having it painted?

We recommend maintaining a minimum 20-inch path between the house and plantings. Doing so will allow easy access for maintenance and, it will also aid in preventing mold and mildew from developing by allowing adequately drying periods between wet weather.

What is causing my house paint to blister?

Blisters or bubbles appear when a layer of paint does not adhere perfectly to its surface. As the new film of paint dries and pulls away, pockets of air or water from underneath will cause it to expand. The most common factors that prevent paint from fully adhering are dirt, moisture, extreme heat, and inadequate surface preparation.

For interior and exterior painting projects, the most common and biggest mistake is inadequate surface preparation. Most people want to start painting right away and cut corners on the prep. Taking the time to prepare all surfaces to be painted will undoubtingly save money and time.

Should I use a special paint for a bathroom?

Good quality bathroom paints are specially formulated to provide a mildew-resistant finish in humid environments such as bathrooms. These tough and durable finishes are suitable for use on interior walls, ceilings, and trim.