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You’ve heard the saying: fail to prepare - prepare to fail. Whether it’s because some view prep work as an unnecessary expense or it just boils down to impatience, many projects fail the longevity test due to improper or rushed prep work. It often takes more time than the painting itself; in fact, prep can make up 75% of the project.

Taking the time necessary to prepare all surfaces to ensure the final finish is of the highest quality is our #1 priority. Although the degree of preparation will vary from job to job, the ultimate quality of the finish will always be determined by the care taken in the surface preparation.

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Professional house painting is important for many reasons. A good paint job beautifies and adds character and personality to your home. Unfortunately, many people only think of house painting after they see their neighbors painting, or worse, find evidence of damage.

While the majority of people paint for appearance, it's important to remember that paint's primary value is in its function of waterproofing, protecting, and preserving your building. Untreated wood or exposed areas can lead to decay, mold, and other problems when not protected from the elements. The time to think about house painting is before you find evidence of a problem and on a regular schedule.

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